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Mövibrace Arm Sling Strap | Cut to size | Easy to wear, Easy to use

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  • The Mövibrace Arm Sling Strap is simple sling is made of padded, comfortable lightweight material with a minimalist design.
  • The one-size-fits all strap immobilizes the arm and allows recovery from sprains, dislocations, fractures or forearm injuries while ensuring that the arm, elbow and shoulder has access to airflow
  • The strap can be adjusted with one hand, and is easy take on and off, and cut to provide a custom fit.
  • The Movibrace Arm Strap has padded foam strap which puts minimal pressure on the neck and back, 
  • The padded strap is adjustable and is perfect for travel or emergencies.
  • The simple arm sling can be used adults and children when recovering from fractures, sprains or hand surgery.  The arm sling can be configured configured several ways, and secured with velcro.    Secure the arm in an abducted position to promote healing, and if necessary, make extra loops around the arm to provide additional support. 
  • How to wear? Create a loop on one end of the strap, and fit forearm through it,  Bring the strap behind back, around neck and around wrist.   Remove the Y-shape hook, cut excess strap length and re-attach hook.  Adjust the strap so hit fits comfortably, yet tightly.  
  • 70 inches, trim to fit