About Us

Life is about movement

The human body is an amazing machine, with more than 600 muscles, 360 joints and 206 bones, all working in perfect harmony to allow us to stand tall and to move with elegance. With so many parts constantly at work, it is only natural that this machine will sometimes need attention, care and some support too.

During the last 3 years we managed to bring together a wide variety of support solutions, for the most common orthopedic injuries and podiatric discomfort cases. Now our next mission is to make these solutions reachable and affordable for as many people as possible.

Our product development philosophy combines minimal design with maximum functionality and high quality, while keeping in mind affordability and ease of use.

Our choice of materials is noncompromising; it all starts by selecting fabrics with care, subjecting them to the highest quality standards before and after production, then choosing the best accessories that will complement the product and guarantee maximum comfort and functionality.

Our designs are inspired by the anatomy of the human body. We keep our focus on simplicity, and the ease of use, aiming to provide you with a second skin experience, while your body is working on healing itself.